For homework this week in maths we had to do a carbon foot print. For mine if everyone lived like me we would have 3.4 worlds and that is a lot. To reduce and help my carbon foot print I should est less food and use more public transport because food was the biggest amount we used and in one of the quenstions it was how much public transport do I use a week and my answer was zero. I believe that the carbon foot print website is a great site for making all of us become more eco friendly.


Today I had an awesome day because it was my birthday!!!!!! So i woke up and i got some ppresents from my family and did my usual routine I do before school. Once we got to school I had a play with my friends and had some fun. The bell rang and I went inside we had just moved classes so we had a 15 minute clean up. After that we went straight into maths and literacy, I was in maths and we had to either present or go to a workshop. I decided to go to Ally, Rylee and Paris’ workshop they did really well they were very organized and I had loads of fun. Maths was over and we all went back into homerooms for daily 3. I needed to finnish some work I did in literacy so I did. We had snack so we went out and I played down ball. After that we had literacy and i was with Miss Murnane and we started publishing our little poems and I was very proud of mine. we had silent reading after literacy and then lunch but aftetr all that we had our dirst big idea session I forgot to bring things in so I learnt how to do a pi graph on the computer. Finally the bell rang and we went home I got ready for netball and went there. I had a fun game and we won. That was the end of my day!

Well today it was my specialist day so We started off in monday debates and in there we finnished writting our letters and typed them up. In that class some people were being loud and annoying not mentioning any names but luckily it didn’t distract me and I completed it. Next up was drama we got to do to thank god your here’s and my first group was bad and we didn’t get much done but the second group was much better and we pretty much finnished the whole card. After that it was snack. Next we went to indonesian we finnished our tests and started reading the lorax for multi cultral day. Next we had art me and emma made a board design together to try and win the skate board.
it was lunch time. after that we had sport and we did baseball I was really bad at it because I din’t want get hit in the head. After that it was home time and I had nothing on.

Day 3
Today I was very excited because we had a netball annd basket ball round robin. I was doing basket ball once we got to school we got our basket ball tops i was number 12. We had four games we lost 1 game and I shot four goals. The boys A team made it to grand final and so did the girls netball a team. The girls won and the boys came second. In the end st Therese did really well boys B for basketball got 1st, my team got 2nd, A team netball got 1st , boys A basketball got saecond and only the b team for netball left empty handed but everyone did an amazing job.

Challeng about the number 10 (student blogging challenge

The challenge is to write if you could choose any 10 jobs in the world what would they be and why?
1. 5/6 teacher because it seems like fun and most 5/6s go on camp.
2. Lawyer/judge because they make lots of money.
3. The queen because that would be just AMAZING.
4. An iron woman because it’s related to surf life saving and that’s what I love.
5. A bondi life guard because it would be a great experience/oportunity.
6. A fire woman because I want to slide down a fireman pole and use the hose.
7. Be a tv show host or an actress on a show because it would be soooo much fun.
8. A limo driver because it would be fun to ride in a limo.
9. The owner of a chocolate shop because with the left overs I could eat them.
10. Super market because I like scanning the items.


Jeannie Baker is an author/illustrator of many childrens books and is also a short film maker. She was born in England on November the 2nd 1950. When Jeannie Baker moved to Australia she was 25 years old and lived in Sydney and then started writing and illustrating childrens books. She soon started making short films and became a multi award winner. She is currently 62 years old and has 13 books and 2 short films. Jeannie Baker  has a very unique style and is known well for it. The outback has had a big effect on her life. She puts a lot of every day issues into her books.

i really like Jeannie Bakers style because it’s unique, creative and different. I’d love to see some of her short films. Her books really makes you think about the issues.


This one is all about my passion which is NIPPERS/SURF LIFE SAVING 🙂

Nippers is pretty much surf life saving for kids we do all sorts of fun things and it’s all on the beach in the nice weather. I love doing it because i love being down at the beach and it gives me lots of JOY 🙂 for nippers we are currently traing for states wich is coming up. we do different events for our competiton some individual and some team, my favourite individual would be the iron which is a swim, run board run and my favourite team event is the swim team which is where you have four in a team and everyone swims around the bouys all together and then the first people to get ther whole team in wins. In U14 you get to do your SRC (surf rescue certificate) which is when you becom a qualified lifesaver annd get to do patrols. I LOVE NIPPERS and i hope you can all now see why i do<3

student blogging challenge


My three course meal…

entree: gouchamoli and dorito chips.
main: curried sauges!
desert: home made cold rock.

GAUCHOMOLI AND DORITO CHIPS: avacado- $1 1 packet of dorito chips-$2 sour cream- $1.50 tomato- $0.40

CURRIED SAUSAGES: sausages- $4.50 celery- $1.70 carrot-$0.50 curry mix- $2.75 rice- $1.80

HOME MADE COLD ROCK: 1 tub of ice cream- $4 chocolate-$3.50 2 packets of lollies-$3.50 marshmallows-$2

this equals $29.15 so my change from $100 would be $70.85.

Student blogging challenge- #1

Hi everyone this year I am doing the student blogging challenge and here is the first challenge.


How much money do you get per week?


why did you wear those tin suit things?


what did you do to your skin to make it white?


how do you come up with these crazy costumes?


did you always dream of becoming a pro surfer?


were you ever afraid of sharks before the accident?


which person/people did you love interviewing the most on your show?


what language do you speak?


are you proud of being the first female priminester of Australia?


why did you invaid Iraq?